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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of pure relaxation and heightened concentration that is very similar to being absorbed in a book or a movie. During a hypnotherapy session, clients are able to connect to their subconscious mind and create dramatic improvements in their life using their imagination. Hypnotherapy allows you to access the root or causes of behaviors, emotions, or attitudes and transform old thoughts into a new way of being. Hypnotherapy can be very useful for changes surrounding birth such as stress, anxiety, birth trauma, fears, pain management, and many other conditions.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Our minds consist of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. We are in our conscious mind for most of the day. It keeps us safe, alert, and in our awareness. The subconscious mind is what is deep within us and makes us who we are. The subconscious is all about you; your habits, beliefs, fears, imagination, values, and character. If you really want to create change, it takes place within in the subconscious.Hypnosis is way to access your subconscious and create the change you want.

What can Hypnotherapy be used for?

  • Uses:
    • Heal from any negativity or past trauma
    • Create a “new way of being”
    • Fertility and IVF
    • Birth and aspects of birth such as breech position change, induction, and breastfeeding
    • Releasing fear, trauma, PTSD, guilt, shame, etc.
    • Manage and control weight
    • Manage addiction and/or unwanted habits
    • Improve Sex Drive (overcome sexual dysfunction)
    • Improve relationships/Forgiveness
    • Motivation
    • Depression
    • Post-Partum Depression
    • Healing Inner child
    • Spiritual work and self discovery
    • Past life regression
    • Children age 6+ (bed wetting, thumb sucking, anxiety, nightmares, etc.)

Hypnotherapy can be used for every aspect of birth from planning and conception to postpartum and the development of the child. 

Who Can Use Hypnotherapy?

Everyone and anyone! We all have the power within to create the change we need. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to get to that space to allow the change to occur and your hopes and dreams to manifest.

Are you hypnotizable? Click on the link below to take a quiz and see if you are!

Jessica Harrison, the owner of The Loving Start, hypnotizing a client

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