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Due to social distancing suggestions by the CDC and World Health Organization, all Group HypnoBirthing Classes have been suspended until further notice.***

HypnoBirthing®, The Mongan Method, is considered the “Gold Standard” of birthing with hypnosis

HypnoBirthing®  is a comprehensive class that focuses on the psychological, spiritual, and the physical well-being of the mother and her family. HypnoBirthing® uses tools like deep breathing, visualization, and relaxation to help a woman maintain a calm mind and body during labor. HypnoBirthing® is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education enhanced by self‑hypnosis and guided imagery techniques that allow women to use their natural abilities to bring about safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing. The education and techniques that are taught in this class can be used for any kind of birth, whether your goal is a medication-free birth or if you are wanting an epidural. The goal of HypnoBirthing® is not to birth unmedicated, but to teach woman to instinctively trust their body and to remain calm and in control during labor.

HypnoBirthing® is “dedicated to providing birthing women and their partners a tried and proven method of birth education that guides and assists them as they prepare to experience birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner.”

– Marie Mongan, Creator of HypnoBirthing®

The overall effect of practicing HypnoBirthing® techniques is that birthing parents are better able to appreciate the benefits of calm, gentle birthing, making the experience a joyful one for mother, baby, and birth companion—benefits that can last a life time.

HypnoBirthing® techniques teach woman how to release all prior programming about birth to free herself of limiting thoughts and emotions that lead to pain-causing fear and resistant muscles. When giving birth with HypnoBirthing®, a mother is not in a trance or asleep but instead in a state of deep relaxation—awake, aware, and fully in control.

This Childbirth Class Includes:

● Your own copy of the 302-page HypnoBirthing Text, “HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method”
● 5 weekly classes which teach you all you need to know about birthing (each class is 2.5 hours)
● 5 professionally written scripts for your home practice
● MP3 downloads for relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding (Including the program cornerstone, Rainbow Relaxation)

● A set of Birth Prompts for your birth Companion
● Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birthing
● Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labor and during the birth
● Body toning exercises and practice


How the mind and emotions affect the body ♦ Why labor hurts and why it doesn’t have to ♦ Releasing fear, the enemy of labor ♦ Preparing your mind and body for birthing ♦ Avoiding artificial induction and episiotomy ♦ Developing ultimate-depth relaxation ♦ Understanding the stages of labor ♦ Preparing your Birth Plan and all your options ♦ How to avoid common interventions but what to expect if they are needed ♦ Changing to a positive mindset about birth ♦ Tapping Nature’s own painkillers, Endorphin ♦ Breathing your baby down for birth ♦ Postpartum care for mom and baby ♦ Breastfeeding through the first six weeks or so ♦

Due to social distancing suggestions by the CDC and World Health Organization, all Group HypnoBirthing Classes have been suspended until further notice.***

Only Private Classes are Available NOW!

What to do next??

  • Click the link “Sign Up Now” and pick which Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education Class series you would like to attend
  • Pay the $100 deposit required to be signed up for the class. Pay the remaining amount before class starts.
  • Follow the checkout instructions, you will receive a confirmation email with class information and details
  • Payment Plans can be established if needed. Please email me directly at Jessica@thelovingstart.com to discuss
  • Are classes covered by Insurance?? Maybe! You can use FSA/HSA accounts to pay for class. Call your insurance carrier and ask if your plan covers patient education classes.

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