“My Little One” Meditation

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Start with a basic relaxation…relaxing all of your muscles from your face to your toes

Focusing on the breath…letting your inhale match your exhale

Quieting the mind…..

Speak these words as you connect and visualize your baby within….

Hello my little one…

I wake each day with gratitude in my heart

because you are on the way

I feel you within me, growing strong and steady

It’s as if I am already learning who you are

Your likes and dislikes

Your kicks and movements show me

Reacting to what we are experiencing

You are speaking to me in ways only we hear

You touch my heart in ways that are dear

With each breath, I send you love

With each exhale, I draw you near

Thank you for choosing me

To bring you into this life

Thank you for giving me this opportunity

You have great purpose my child

All my knowledge and wisdom will be yours

I am grateful to be a witness of thee

Know that this experience with you

Has filled me with unless love and possibility

My life combines with yours

My love combines with yours

two hearts inside of one

Thank you for letting me love you…my little one.

By: Jessica Harrison


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