Meditating With the Chakras

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The chakras are centralized locations within the body where energy converges and collects. The best way to balance this energy is to focus on it and move it consciously, making sure there is a flow throughout the body.

With chakra meditation, you can heal the mind, body, & spirit by bringing all the chakras into balance and alignment.

How to Meditate:

Before you meditate, make sure you find a good time and place where it is peaceful, safe, and where you can be uninterrupted. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and begin by focusing on your breath. Try to make your breath flow in a rhythm, allowing the inhale to match the exhale. Give enough time to focus on each chakra, using the color associated with that chakra and sending it love and positive energy with deep breaths. The goal is to get out of the head and into the body by feeling the energy in each of the chakras.

Remember that this is a time where you are giving back to yourself so honor it and release your expectation of what’s supposed to happen and allow what is meant to happen.

Chakras Meanings and Color

A Chakra Meditation

Here is a simple meditation that incorporates the chakras.

As you read these words (aloud or quietly within), place your hand over each chakra, think and visualize that specific color easily flowing around that chakra and FEEL the words to be true.

I am fully supported, appreciated, and secure

I feel capable, confident, and proud

I can do anything I desire. I have great purpose

I love myself completely and I allow myelf to give and receive love

I speak my truth and communicate from my heart

I see past the illusion and follow my intuition

I know that I am the light and connection to all

Trust and Allow Yourself to Enjoy this Experience


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