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The Loving Start

Birth and Family Services

Making Every Birth a Sacred, Peaceful, and Loving Experience.

Our mission is to create and promote a way for families to be educated, guided, supported, and empowered to birth gently and live beautifully.

A Holistic and Loving Approach to Fertility, Birth, and Beyond

It is our belief that it matters how we give birth and how we bring a new life into this world. It Is our mission to raise the standard of birth and provide services to any family for every aspect of birth, from planning and conception to growing as a family.

What We Offer

Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education Classes


Doula Support

Relationship Coaching

“Birth is a time that should be honored, respected, and surrounded by love. It is my belief that a child created in love, should be birthed with love and it is my mission to make sure that families feel supported, educated, guided, and empowered to birth in any manner that they chose. My goal is to raise the standard of birth by using education, support, and empowerment to reduce birth trauma and create a better birthing environment.”

– Jessica Harrison, Owner of The Loving Start

“The secret to real change for humanity is changing how we come into this world”

– The Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health

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